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“Alison worked with my  granddaughter (“L”) for several months last year. Alison was quite pleasant and was never late. She had a very nice way of getting L to engage with her, to the point where L looked forward to Alison’s visits with anticipation. L showed quite a bit of progress during the time that Alison worked with her, and we were quite happy with her results. We were sorry to find out that Alison was moving out the area, but appreciate her efforts with our granddaughter while she was here.”


“Our Gold Speech SLP has done an amazing job working with our speech-delayed three-year-old son for the past several months. She sees him twice a week at his preschool. She’s built a warm, playful, and productive relationship with him. He loves their sessions and sometimes even prefers to stay with her after class rather than go back to his friends. He’s showing weekly improvements, like including articles “the” and “a” in his speech.

Our SLP experiments with various learning styles to find what works best. She had him clap out syllables for a while, and recently she’s been having him point to different colors as he enunciates. When I try these techniques at home, he happily plays along!  She adapts her sessions to focus on his changing needs. They’ve worked on connector words like “in” and “the”, pronouncing /s/, /t/, and /z/ clearly, and speaking in a louder voice.  She’s super communicative. She sends an e-mail update after each session, sometimes with videos, and talks with us about our concerns and goals.  We’re really lucky that we got connected with Gold Speech!”


“Dawn has worked with our family for 2 years.  She began with our daughter when she was in 1st grade, and as a result she has made significant improvement in her speech.  Dawn noticed a speech impediment in our older child as well, and we have recently started having Dawn work with both kids.

Dawn works hard to make the sessions fun for the kids while also delivering tangible improvements.  We are fortunate that our insurance covers Dawn’s services, and Dawn is always prompt in sending a monthly itemized statement that we submit to our insurance company.  Dawn is also prompt in starting and ending her sessions on time.  We have been very happy with her services.  And we found her through Yelp!”


“We had the privilege of working with Christina for two of my children, one with autism and one with some speech issues. Christina was very professional but also very kind, was able to handle both (very different) children adeptly, and was very gracious in all situations. She came prepared each time, and was familiar with their cases before even starting.  Highly recommend Gold Speech.”


“My younger daughter needed speech therapy, and I didn’t really want her to miss a couple of hours of school a week – the hour for the therapy and the time back and forth.  Gold Speech has been super easy to work with – and therapy was willing to send a therapist out to the school (or, if you rather, to our home).

In the past several months, my daughter has worked with Catherine – her speech has greatly improved, as has both her spelling and her reading!  Not only is she progressing, my daughter loves her therapist, which makes everything easier.  We love Gold Speech!!”


“Over the past 2 summers, we have worked with Dawn and 2 of her therapists at Gold Speech. Because of Dawn’s careful selection of therapists, our children have seen more progress during the short summers than during the school year. Our oldest had almost complete remediation in the few sessions that we were able to fit in this summer, and our next 2 children made significant progress.

We have appreciated the Gold Speech team for how generous, full of expertise, professional, and easy to work with you have been. Dawn has always provided very helpful information and responds very quickly to our questions. Because of our situation, we are also very grateful that she was able to offer 3 back-to-back sessions for our family. It truly felt like a collaboration between our family and her team, and our children are excited to be making progress finally despite past struggles. We highly recommend the Gold Speech team!”


“My son had a lisp and he needed a therapist to really work on it. So I decided to stop with the one we had and changed to Gold Speech. His new therapist won him over in no time. First he asked me to be with him – he was scared a bit, but after the first session he asked me if I really had to accompany him ;-) I’m very happy and thankful that he made this huge progress in such a short time.”


“Dawn is wonderful. My son has been working with her for four months now and has made a lot of progress. She’s extremely positive and direct. Sessions are not only instructive, but also fun for him. She gives me regular update about his progress and helps me learn how to help him in between sessions. She’s given us lot of outside support, including reviewing and providing feedback on the short practice videos we do in between sessions. It’s so nice to know that it’s clearly personally important to her to see my son develop better skills. I can’t recommend her enough.”


“Leah worked with our 7-year-old daughter for around six months, twice a week.  My daughter was not happy at all to be in speech therapy, and Leah was exceptional at keeping her engaged and coming up with creative ideas for her.  We were very pleased with her speech progress and also at Leah’s success partnering with our headstrong daughter.

We also really liked Dawn’s method of the initial evaluation, we had met with several therapists and felt that Dawn took the time to really evaluate our daughter and explain to us her recommendations.”


“Dawn worked with my daughter over the summer with 1-2 sessions a week. She was wonderful and patient with her and I saw my daughter gain confidence in her speech. I had provided Dawn a copy of my daughter’s IEP ahead of time. By our initial session, I could tell Dawn had reviewed all the reports, figured out what my daughter needed to work on and our sessions were productive from the start.”


“Dawn was referred to us by our 4 yr old daughter’s preschool teacher as we were getting concerned about her speech development. When we first met Dawn, she was very personable but also very professional and knowledgeable. She was very good with my daughter and was able to connect with her instantly. Through play-based therapy and observations (which lasted more than two hours), Dawn was able to make a very thorough assessment of my daughter’s speech and she was also very patient and thorough in going over the details of her observations with me and my husband. You could tell that she really cares about the well being of the child and that really shows through her interaction with my daughter and her recommendation for the parents.

I really enjoyed meeting Dawn and she was just such a pleasure to work with, from the initial contact all the way to the end of our assessment session (and even afterwards). What is even more amazing is that after that initial session, my daughter’s speech just suddenly improved and has been talking non-stop ever since. Even though she’s only met Dawn for two hours, she would still ask me about “Teacher Dawn” from time to time. I don’t know what Dawn did but she’s awesome!”


“Dawn’s warm personality was an immediate draw for my daughter who instantly warmed up to her and was comfortable from the very first appointment. Dawn is very genuine and loving, yet firm enough to get my daughter to stretch herself in speech therapy. Her extensive knowledge of the appropriate treatment for my daughter was reassuring. I highly recommend her!”


“I’m a college student and I went to Dawn for help with a mild speech impediment. Dawn gave me specific advice and practices each lesson that kept me motivated and helped me feel like I was progressing. And the awesome part was that I really was progressing; I improved more in 7 weeks with Dawn than I did in months practicing on my own.  And once my sounds improved Dawn shifted our focus to my intonation. Shifting focus helped transition the technical speech skills to real conversation.

In addition to all the awesome technical information she gave me, Dawn was wonderful to work with. She has an exceptionally warm personality. I felt like we were a team and that she genuinely wanted to see me improve.  I’m thankful that I found Dawn and I highly recommend her to anyone with speech difficulties.”


“Dawn is a wonderful speech therapist!  She is kind, caring, patient, professional, and really good with kids.  My son saw her to correct some speech issues he was having.  In her initial evaluation, she identified the issues and explained everything to me and answered all my questions.  Dawn had weekly sessions with my son for 6 months and there has definitely been great improvement in my son’s speech.  Even his teacher at school noticed!  Dawn makes her sessions fun and interesting for the kids.  I really liked that she assigned skills and sounds for my son to practice in between sessions.  I am continuing to use these assignments to maintain the progress he has made.  Dawn is great to work with. Her invoices are prompt and she is easy to communicate with.  We feel really fortunate to have found such a great speech therapist.  Thank you Gold Speech!”


“Dawn started one on one sessions with our son (then 6 years old) in the summer of 2014. She made accurate behavioral observations and could therefore decide on effective goals for my son to achieve. She uses various strategies, exercises and games each session making it enjoyable as well as education.

Dawn has a vast amount of knowledge in her field. She would write annual reports each year to provide both parents and teachers with helpful strategies (one of the reports also included images of how the mouth and tongue should be). She is positive with our son and has a build a trusted relationship which is greatly valued. We are greatly appreciative that Dawn has been a part of our son’s speech therapy and would recommend her to anyone.”